Set of Christmas Tree Decoration


ARTISANAL product made at the moment of the ordering

1 piece: ready for shipping in 5 days.

2 or more pieces: ready for shipping in 9 days.


  • Wood: Walnut
  • Wood: Oak
  • Wood: Cherry Tree
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Set consisting of 4 decorations for your Christmas tree or for your home.

Each decoration is made with pieces of wood that are too small for other objects and would otherwise be discarded.
For this reason they are all different from each other and without the possibility of replication.

Each piece can be composed of one, two or three woods (oak, cherry, walnut).
Depending on the size, they can also have more bands glued together.

In the package you will receive a complete set of 4 decorations:
1 Christmas tree (7 cm)
1 star (9 cm)
1 snowman (7 cm)
1 pentagon (6 cm)

The pentagon is the geometric shape that I try to insert in my creations because it represents the HOUSE in a stylized way.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a product that comes from my creative flair and the need to use every piece of wood available, minimizing waste.